Farzad Kiasat

Farzad Kiasat


About Me

Dr. Farzad kiasat

  • Expert and interested in creating ideas and architecture of business plans for companies, organizations and individuals
  • Examining the economic justification and plans and ideas and providing resources for the plans.
  • Member of Chamber of Commerce – Deputy Industries and        Agriculture of Iran
  • Member of engineering system organization of Tehran province
  •  Member of iran energy consumption optimization association



  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering
  • Master of executive management
  • D.B.A from Tehran University
  • PhD in Business Administration from ALU University



Kiasat & Co


Market Developer


About company

About Company

  • Kiasat & Co

    It is an economic group and operates in the field of investment in the construction industry and imports advanced building technologies, including smart systems, heating and cooling equipment, and energy consumption optimization systems

  • A-K-T Company

    Knowledge-based Company in the field of facilities has considered using new technology to reduce energy consumption, improve productivity and efficiency in its systems. This company is currently the official representative of AISIN from TOYOTA and TECNOCASA in Iran.

  • Engineering and market development group

    Engineering and market development is active according to the needs of customers in the field of real estate and independent properties. Our group has put in consideration all aspects of the importance of satisfying our customers and providing them with a complete miniature work.

  • Asemane Haftom Group

    Active in the field of design, construction and renovation and management of the building industry, focusing on residential uses and urban spaces, as well as modern styles, using the latest technologies, started working in the form of a professional group in 2018


List of articles

  1. Waiting for a change in the government’s view
  2. Inflation control and its role in social satisfaction
  3. Expert manager. A prerequisite for the success of knowledge-based businesses
  4. We Iranians
  5. Economic export is not realized in hard economic system
  6. Housing and mental security of society
  7. Construction industry and its role in general development
  8. Building installation systems
  9. Is the euro capable of becoming a global reserve currency?
  10. A necessary but not sufficient condition
  11. Agility of the structure of the definitive treatment of the economy
  12. In order to increase exports, the structure of the administrative system should be agile and advanced.
  13. Focus on de-escalation policy.
  14. Car import facts.
  15. Removal of preferred currency and inflation
  16. The role of members in systems
  17. The bank and its role in completing the construction industry cycle
  18. Dynamics of economy and employment in the shadow of business development
  19. Death of competition in the automobile industry by insisting on banning imports
  20. Startup and internet business
  21. The development of foreign trade increases the production of wealth and eliminates unemployment
  22. Resilience and its role in business
  23. Public administration
  24. Post-corona, post-sanction, or post-disaster
  25. The import of cars should be free and the tariff should be reasonable
  26. Productivity
  27. Positive thinking is the lasting secret of business
  28. Game theory and predicting the future
  29. Business situation in the construction industry



Pasargad Mass Development

Iranian Land Tourists Development

pars village co

car city ayland

renovation and construction of Tehran(NOSA) co

Tejarat Building Development


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